Getting Your Clients Working For You

DRuM stands for Digital Relationship Management.  We design and build cost effective online environments for acquiring and maintaining profitable long term client relationships.

We know the best way to maximise customer lifetime value is to empower them to be an active and engaged member of your community.  It’s about enabling your supporters to do just that - support your business, by communicating key messages to interested parties and enabling them to share with others and create excitement about your mission.

You have a website, but what value does it provide to stakeholders? In today’s marketplace you need a more advanced strategy to ensure a maximum return on client relationships (RoR). In our experience, this should be the primary consideration of any Digital Relationship Management plan.

DRuMkit Communications Inc. uses modern, powerful tools, like Nationbuilder, to create custom digital environments that support the use of email campaigns, big-data analytics, social media marketing and more, all from one platform – because success in today's marketplace isn't driven by a content strategy, success is driven by a connection strategy.

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    Say Yes To Good Food In Schools

    osnp.jpgWow! What a great start to the fall it has been here at DRuMkit Communications Inc. We have lots of upcoming news about projects we are excited to be involved with, the first of which is the Ontario Student Nutrition Programs #SayYesToGoodFoodInSchools pledge drive. Their unique goal of donating a free breakfast or snack to participating schools in Southwestern Ontario was all the motivation we needed to jump on board this outstanding initiative. 

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    We're NationBuilder Certified!

    Spring is fast upon us so, in the spirit of the arrival of new blooms, DRuMkit Communication Inc. is proud to announce a new set of certifications our company has acquired. DRuMkit Communications Inc. has obtained both the Expert Certification and Architect Certification from the fine folks at NationBuilder.

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