We're NationBuilder Certified!

Spring is fast upon us so, in the spirit of the arrival of new blooms, DRuMkit Communication Inc. is proud to announce a new set of certifications our company has acquired. DRuMkit Communications Inc. has obtained both the Expert Certification and Architect Certification from the fine folks at NationBuilder.

We first came across NationBuilder working on a municipal campaign in Toronto, and were so impressed with the power and opportunities it offered we immediately jumped on the band wagon. It's ability to manage a digital communications portfolio as well as customer relationships and staff workflow made its' advantages instantly clear, not just on the campaign front, but also in the areas of SMBs and NFPs. Imagine a platform that integrates the abilities of mailchimp, wordpress, hootsuite, surveymonkey and more into one easy to use CRM. Honestly, amazing.

Now, about those badges on the right side of our page:

The Expert badge lets people know we are certified by NationBuilder to work with clients in setting up their nation in a way that serves them best. We can help with your donations and events pages and build an online hub that truly connects you to your clients.

The Architect badge means we are also certified to build custom themes and sites using the NationBuilder platform. We know our code, and the NationBuilder best practices to ensure you get a high quality theme that really helps your brand establish itself online.